Photography by Daniel Chavez
Chavez consideres each photograph to be the part of a process, with each image being the result of research experimentation, practice, persistence, patience, and luck." In 2002 Chavez founded FotoVentures and began creating, producing and marketing his work at Art Shows and Exhibitions in Southern Arizona. In 2013 Chavez expanded into commercial photography including business head- shots; events, parties & receptions; people & portraits; weddings, and residential & vacation properties. In 2015, seeking new markets for his work, Chavez began freelance writing with a focus on Hispanic culture, traditions and customs. Chavez has traveled extensively conducting research, scouting locations, and taking photographs in Colonial Mexico, Cuba, South America, Europe, and the Middle East as well as in Southern California, and in Tucson's historic barrios. Continually seeking unique settings and topics for his projects Chavez's inspiration and subject matter are drawn from an interest in history, architecture, and cultural traditions. His adventures have resulted in a varied and eclectic collection of images and articles. “People can look at the same subject matter, yet each person's experience is unique and their own. Hopefully, through my camera lens, my images and articles individuals will experience the beauty of other places and other times.” You can visit Chavez on Instagram or Facebook to see his most recent projects. Chavez's images of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain are featured in the Mediterranean Garden Chapter of the book “Garden Styles: An Essential Guide” by UK Author Freda Cox published in July 2010. Chavez is active in community fund raising, donating his time and artwork to charitable causes including Imago Dei Middle School, the Tucson Botanical Gardens, the TMC Auxiliary, Toys-for-Tots, and Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. Chavez and FotoVentures wish to extend a special note of gratitude to Ziemba Photographic-Arts and Jones Photo in Tucson, AZ, whose technical guidance, mentor-ship and patience have been invaluable. And, “to my wife and compass, whose support and critical eye help to guide me.”
Dan Chavez’s passion for photography began when he first used his fathers’ 35 mm camera as a teenager. Photography is his link to the creative process which has inspired and nurtured artists for centuries. The amazing digital innovations revolutionizing the photographic arts have only served to heighten his passion for the art form. Modern digital photography, along with the basic principles of composition, color, and design afford today’s photographers endless avenues of artistic expression.