Business Headshots

Fotoventures, LLC DChavezPhotography
FotoVentures offers several head-shot options. These include on-location shoots minimizing downtime as well as in-studio sessions with a variety of backdrops including green screen. Green screen technology allows for the addition of a variety of backgrounds

On Location Outdoor-Landscape & Interior-Workplace

In-Studio Backdrops

In-Studio Green Screen

COVID-19: To combat the spread of the Coronavirus, we have moved our in-studio set-up to an open-air garage which allows for the greater physical distancing of 6ft or more with enhanced air circulation. For on-location sessions, we recommend conducting them outdoors in a covered patio or in a large conference room with good ventilation and sufficient space to provide for physical distancing of 6ft or more. Clients should wear a face mask while not being photographed. We will be wearing a face mask during the entire photo shoot. We are following CDC guidelines for frequent & thorough hand washing, use of hand sanitizer, and cleaning & sanitizing of commonly touched areas of our workspace daily.
in post-production. We offer exceptional quality, competitive pricing, and prompt delivery. For a complete list of fees and services please click HERE .