Business Headshots

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FotoVentures offers several head-shot options. These include on-location shoots minimizing downtime as well as in-studio sessions with a variety of backdrops including green screen. Green screen technology allows for the addition of a variety of backgrounds

On Location Outdoor-Landscape & Interior-Workplace

In-Studio Backdrops

In-Studio Green Screen

I wanted to personally thank you for your support in   hosting two very productive days of  IBM's Executive Photo Shoot!  Your process of real-time selection and always ensuring the Client is satisfied is very much appreciated. I am still numb from you advising me that we would have the deliverables  by the  next week…THANK YOU!!!!!"  Kathy C. , IBM Tucson HR Executive
in post-production. We offer exceptional quality, competitive pricing, and prompt delivery. For a complete list of fees and services please click HERE .